Big Blue Live: Station Social

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Otter-Interior-Banner_BBL_tune-in.jpg PBS and the BBC are making a concerted push to use social media to drive tune-in and viewer engagement with BIG BLUE LIVE. 

Your station - especially your marketing and social-media teams - can help.

BigBigLiveActivityMap.png Every post on Twitter that uses the #BigBlueLive hashtag will get picked up by our social-media monitoring tool - and appear as a pulsing blue dot. We'd like to light up the entire map. 

Whether you live along the ocean, or inland near lakes, streams and rivers — your tweets can help encourage viewers to share photos and tweets. To make sure the posts can show up, Twitter accounts must have the geo-locator feature turned-on. To do so: Go to Settings, then Security and Privacy, and then check the box that says "Add a location to my Tweets."

In need of #BigBlueLive inspiration and assets? Use the suggested wording that you can find on myPBS or the additional marketing resources are below. 

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