Bento Product Update: Admin Facelift, COVE Playlist Player and YouTube API Integration

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The Bento team is looking to release three major features this week to the platform. The first is an update to the admin styling within Bento, mainly the PBS-provided smart snippets and plugins. The second release is a new video gallery smart snippet, called the Explorer Playlist Player, which mirrors and improves upon the existing COVE Video Collection snippets. The treatment you'll see in the Explorer Playlist Player is also being carried over to the COVE video plugins. And finally, the team is releasing YouTube API integration so users can easily query and embed YouTube content, as well as create custom snippets using the new YouTube variable. Read on to learn more about these improvements and how you can take advantage of the functionality. 

bupdate1.pngCOVE Video Player Plugin New Admin DesignBento Admin Updates:

Bento is one of PBS Digital's products that lives in both the front and back ends of users' workflow, when looking at the roadmap the team saw an opportunity to start the long and difficult process of restyling and reconfiguring Bento's admin interface.

This week the team will be releasing a new treatment to existing PBS-provided snippets and plugins (see left for examples). Please note that no functionality changes are being made. These updates are simply styling changes to make the admin easier to use.

bupdate2.pngMerlin/COVE Lookup Feature Eventually the Bento team, along with other product teams, will attempt a full admin overhaul. It's part of Digital's ongoing priority to create a strategy that includes more user-friendly admin interfaces. The team's next admin restyling release will include a new look to the Filer section (Bento's FTP lookup feature). Once that work is complete, the team will begin implementing major changes to the admin, which aim to improve the user experience of the admin.

Editor's Note: As mentioned no functionality will be changing with the admin restyling work, the user documentation and training materials will not be updated until all major changes to the admin are released.

bupdate3.pngExplorer Playlist Player & COVE Video Plugin Restyling: 

A video gallery experience is a tool used on many station and most producer sites. The strategy behind its use is to easily curate video content for users around a certain topic, program or tag. This type of experience already existed in Bento, but using station feedback, the team created a more robust and sleeker snippet. The Explorer Playlist Player display better integrates with station branding and new design elements being created for the redesign. For product implementation documentation view this resource page.

In this release, the same design elements shown in the playlist player is also going to be applied to the COVE Video Player Plugin. This plugin enables users to add a single COVE video on a page. 

Editor's Note: If you currently use multiple Explorer Video Collection List and Explorer Video Collection Featured smart snippets on your site(s), and are looking to move over to the Explorer Playlist Player; and would like help with content migration, please contact the Bento team directly.

bupdate4.pngQuerying YouTube ContentYouTube API Integration:

During a recent review of the Bento platform, the team noticed that almost every station had some YouTube content embedded on their site(s). To alleviate the pressure of stations having to create snippets for embedded YouTube videos, users can now query content directly from YouTube. For those looking to create custom experiences with YouTube videos, you will be able to now create snippets and assign YouTube variables to make adding YouTube content to your site easier.

For product implementation documentation view this resource page.

bupdate5.pngAdding a YouTube Variable

Upcoming Releases:

For users interested in major improves coming to the Bento platform, the team will be:

  • Switching the text editor to a better, robust solution which is more user-friendly;
  • Creating a 1280 breakpoint template for products and stations;
  • Releasing a station version of the Hero Carousel and Hero templates for station sites;
  • Helping to create and release more modern and fresher looking producer sites; and
  • Creating the ability to push content to the PMP from Bento.

Please reach out to your Digital representative or if you have any questions or comments.

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