The Source 101

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Visit The Source, the new asset resource tool that offers promotional assets of all types—all downloadable, all free. Skip the FTP and see what you're getting before you start your download.

Choose from PBS KIDS, General Audience, Brand and Pledge assets, and more—including Eventapalooza.

thesource.png The Source is brought to you through a cross-departmental partnership with Marketing & Communications and T&O. This innovative new digital asset management system launched this spring. The Source soft launched this past winter to a group of 75 beta testers representing over 40 stations.

Learn more about the Source - PBS' new one-stop shop for marketing & promotional assets. You'll learn how to maximize the site and quickly search, find, preview and download the assets you need! 

Interested? Join the Source team for a Source 101 webinar this month. There are multiple dates available, select the date and time that works best for you.

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