TechCon 2015: Ed Goodwin

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Vegas, here I come! Gosh, the airport sure is close to downtown. Why does everything here make a sound and play music? Is that person holding a selfie stick?

Ah Vegas, you’re exactly what I expected. Myself along with nine other amazing public media professionals attended PBS TechCon on Digital scholarships this past April. 

I have seen the future and it is a beautiful snail with tiny rows of teeth eating a bright, green leaf. 

I am, of course, referring to the stunning 4K video demo we saw during the opening keynote at TechCon. I was reminded of the first time I saw High Definition video at the South Carolina state fair; Time Warner Cable had a living room exhibit with a flat screen HD television. That video was a smoke jumper gliding down to earth uncomfortably close to a burning wild fire. That was in the early 2000’s and I remember thinking “Wow, that’s amazing.” The 4K video demo (delivered over IP) I saw at TechCon would only be the beginning of several days worth of “wows.” 

Excited about the new conference digital track and looking at the sessions ahead of time I knew this was going to be a good few days. Many of the sessions were relevant to what I do at SCETV, which made it hard deciding which ones to attend. I finally settled on mostly digital and social media sessions with one or two engineering sessions. It turns out we aren’t the only station struggling to meet closed caption requirements. Learning that my station’s struggles were shared by others in the system provided a unique learning opportunity with my counterparts at from stations. 

edgoodwin.png Really, the best part of any conference is making connections and meeting awesome people; Tech Con was no exception. It was great meeting Andrew, Leif, Mallorie, Desiree, Jessica, Joseph, Jess, Linda, andPatrick. The SPI team did an awesome job making me feel welcome and answering all of my questions. It was so good to meet all of you in person. I met some of the coolest station managers and VP’s. I loved hearing and sharing stories of success and failure; the genuine willingness of other attendees to listen and offer help was just amazing. 

TechCon went by in a hurry; my brain and notebook are full of ideas. I’m still digesting and following up on information learned. Congratulations again to the scholarship winners, thank you for a wonderful conference. I hope to see all of you online or in person soon.

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