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In the first iteration of Localore, 10 production teams embedded in local communities with the instruction to “go outside” of the 10 incubating stations’ buildings, audiences and familiar rhythms. Above, a screenshot of Localore.net.

What are the new models that will expand public television to more citizens in the local community? This is one of the most pressing questions facing stations in a rapidly changing media environment.

Join AIR’s Executive Director Sue Schardt, Localore: Finding America Network Manager Adriana Gallardo and Twin Cities Public Television’s Director of Content Strategy and Innovation Andi McDaniel, who will talk about what it takes to build innovative projects inside stations that may help answer that pressing question, in a Lunch and Learn webinar on April 21.

Skyway Sessions, produced by Rewire, is a web series of pop-up performances by local 
musicians in the St. Paul skyway system. Photo courtesy Rewire.TPT.org.

They’ll draw on lessons learned from Localore, AIR’s 2013 national production that helped spawn Rewire and other initiatives around the country. The initiatives varied, from public-powered journalism with Curious City at WBEZ in Chicago, to interactive documentary storytelling with Black Gold Boom at Prairie Public Broadcasting in North Dakota, to a sound booth at Sonic Trace at KCRW in Los Angeles, to part of the inspiration for Rewire, an innovation unit tasked with reaching millennials at TPT in St. Paul. 

Although the projects varied in topic, geography and size, they all helped accelerate innovation at stations, spread public media to new communities, and collaborated with independent talent to utilize "full-spectrum" models of media that blended broadcast, digital, and on-the-street media. “Going outside” to reach new communities was key, and birthed some of the most creative and inspiring work to come out of the projects.

Producer Anayansi Diaz-Cortes received funds to create a documentary films through a partnership between AIR and ITVS, based on her Localore production Sonic Trace. Photo by Carmen Vidal.

That mantra to “go outside” will continue with the next Localore, which launches this spring. Stations will be able to take the lessons learned from the webinar and apply them to possible Localore: Finding America projects. AIR is looking for 15 new station-incubators, and will open applications for Finding America May 1. Join us for a full look on April 21 during the webinar.

For inspiration, visit http://localore.net and watch this video.

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