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If you can't make the PBS TechCon, which kicks off today in Las Vegas, NV, the Technology and Operations team is providing a livestream feed of a few key sessions. See session descriptions below, and view the livestream feeds here.

ThinkstockPhotos-155974888.jpgWEDNESDAY, APRIL 8 4:00-6:00PM EST:
Opening Session: Glimpses of the Future
TechCon opens this year with a broad discussion about the future of Public Media. PBS NewsHour Weekend Anchor Hari Sreenivasan will moderate the session, beginning with PBS President and CEO Paula Kerger and NPR President and CEO, Jarl Mohn. They will share their respective insights with a focus at the national level.

The talk will take a turn into the technical realm that is critical at TechCon. PBS Chief Technology Officer Mario Vecchi will join Senior Vice President and General Manager of PBS Digital, Ira Rubenstein, and their guests will be NPR CTO Marty Garrison and NPR Vice President of Digital Media, Zach Brand. Together, the technical leadership will go into deeper detail about their priorities and collaborative efforts.

From the technical world we will move to the local realm, with station leaders who will discuss how their business models are changing and evolving with the changes in the media landscape and the needs of their communities. Joining us will be Polly Anderson from WUCF Orlando, Tom Axtell from Vegas PBS, and Tom Karlo from KPBS San Diego.

Moving Public Media Forward: The Future of Media Technology and v6 Interconnection
As we gather for TechCon this year, it is clear that the media industry is changing faster than ever. Two major factors are driving this change: the technologies available to us as media creators and distributors and the products available to viewers for consuming that media. All of this change coupled with budget constraints and aging plants makes this a challenging time for Public Media, but it also presents exciting opportunities. Join in as we begin a new discussion about practical ways that local stations and national organizations can work together to move the system forward. 

Editor's Note: Due to technical issues within the conference venue, we are unable to stream the Thursday v6 session. We expect to make the video of the sessions available on myPBS after the conference at

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