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The Station Management Center, also known as the SMC, website shares information, insight, and good practices from variety of different sources, including multiple materials provided by stations from across the country. The site is open to all employees of PBS member stations (you can sign up here and please also encourage your colleagues to do the same) and contains resources such as:

  • ThinkstockPhotos-478114451.jpgData & Analysis – interactive visuals of system trends and station-specific data that enables you to benchmark against other stations, including free access to Financial SCAN (a tool developed by Guidestar and the Nonprofit Finance Fund that provides a detailed analysis and report of your finances)

  • System & Industry Insight – multiple resources that help provide insight and context into our system and industry, including the central resource for all things spectrum auction

  • Strategy & Leadership – station strategic plans and many other resources focused on managing effective organizations. There’s also a free copy of the latest Guidestar Nonprofit Compensation Report (4,000 pages of insight into nonprofit salaries and benefits) 

  • Good Practices – station case studies and other information on successful station initiatives including events, community engagement, workforce training, partnerships, revenue generation and many more

If you’d like to learn more about the SMC then please join Megan Paparella and Steve Holmes for a webinar on April 23 where they will be giving an overview of the site and its many resources. Please also reach out to them at any time with questions, suggestions, and feedback about the site.

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