Bentomatic 2.0: Lunch & Learn Recap and Recording

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The SPI team recently held the Bentomatic 2.0 Lunch & Learn webinar which detailed the latest update to the Bentomatic functionality. PBS Digital's José Fernández, Product Deployment Manager, walked attendees through the process of opening and editing the smart snippet fields within the Bentomatic to tailor the user’s experience. The goal of this workflow is to create a truly local and national hybrid content experience.


  • Only smart snippets can be changed, Plugins, such as the Text Plugin, cannot be altered.

  • Be sure to save the smart snippet before saving the entire Bentomatic page. If you try to save the entire page before the smart snippet you will be prompted with an alert.

  • Do not edit the Bentomatic Google Analytics Snippet.

Future Bentomatic announcements will have details about what can and cannot be modified.

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