Behind the Screens: Meet Pat Yack

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bts-pat fb.jpgPat Yack joined the team at Alaska Public Media almost six years ago. In his time there, he's spearheaded a number of digital projects, including their hit digital video series, Indie Alaska. Pat also serves on the PBS Station Digital Advisory Council with a number of his peers in the system. Read on to learn more about life at Alaska Public Media, and how Pat keeps busy in his down time.

1. Describe your role at Alaska Public Media. 
I am directly or indirectly responsible for all news and programming content for radio, television and the Web. I work with a great team: program director, news director, Web producer, video storytellers, producers, hosts, reporters, development executives, membership crew, and engineers. 

2. What’s the best lesson you’ve learned so far from working in public media? 
The changes in media preferences, consumption, sensibilities, technology, and values are occurring faster than any other time in modern communications. And….they will continue for the foreseeable future. 

3. In your opinion, what are the upcoming digital trends? 
People will continue to personalize media, eliminating the remaining gatekeepers, traditional legacy delivery systems, and appointment watching/listening schedules. More and more they will become their own program and music directors, and news editors. 

4. What book are you reading right now? 
I am rereading William Blundell’s The Art and Craft of Feature Writing. I use it in the journalism classes I teach at University of Alaska Anchorage and the University of Florida. Halldor Laxness’ Independent People is heading to my reading stack.

5. What’s the one website you can’t go a day without? (In that order).

6. What’s one fact about you that would surprise most people? 
I delivered our daughter in the tiny bathroom of our home in Eugene, Oregon. No, we had not planned it that way. 

7. What do you do when you aren’t working? 
I’m trying to become an artist. I also do a lot of research for classes I teach. One in particular, called visual communications, has led me to the work of Eadweard Muybridge (early inventor of motion picture technology) one of the first photographers to come to Alaska. I enjoy skating and cross-country skiing in the winter. 

8. Describe Alaska Public Media in a word. 

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