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Happy last Thursday of the month! It’s time for this month’s Social Media Spotlight – PBS NEWS on YouTube.

We  wanted to let you know that, working with a team of internal PBS staff and the executive producers (EPs) of all the PBS news and public affairs programs, there is now a way to very quickly aggregate videos about breaking news topics, using the PBS YouTube channel, that features content from a wide variety of PBS programs.

The first topic to have its own playlist is devoted to the Ebola crisis, and you can see the first videos to be included in this playlist (from Charlie Rose and NewsHour) at PBS NEWS | The Ebola Crisis. New videos will be continually added, on an as-needed basis. Another playlist has also been recently created to focus on “U.S. in Iraq.” That playlist is available at PBS NEWS | U.S. in Iraq and currently includes content from five different PBS programs. 

You’ll also see that these videos have a special thumbnail, signaling that they are part of what’s going to be called a “PBS NEWS” playlist on PBS’s YouTube channel.

Since the idea was initially floated by the EPs three weeks ago, we’ve set up a process for the producers to quickly upload relevant clips, for the playlists to be created, and for the programs to then promote the playlists online and on-air using a short, memorable URL we create.

To that end, the Newshour has already added the new Ebola playlist to its online content management system for all content tagged "ebola." As a result, it's auto-embedded in the bottom of all NewHour’s Ebola-related online coverage. You can see an example at the bottom of the page on this PBS NEWSHOUR Rundown blog post.

We’ll also be promoting these playlists heavily via social media, and we hope you will, too. It gives you a quick, opportunistic way to provide updated content, featuring videos from all of our news and public affairs programming producers.

Here are some suggested tweets/posts for you to use:

  • Learn about the #Ebola crisis with videos from a variety of PBS news and public affairs programs:
  • Learn about the re-engagement of the US in Iraq from PBS news and public affairs programs: 
  • PBS news & public affairs programs have come together on to aggregate content around hot topics. More: 
  • It’s easy to share breaking news w/the PBS NEWS @YouTube playlists from @NewHour, @WashingtonWeek and more at 
  • It’s easy to share breaking news with the new PBS NEWS YouTube playlists from PBS news and public affairs programs including [@]PBS NewsHour, [@]Frontline, [@]Washington Week, [@]Charlie Rose and more. Learn about the Ebola Crisis and the U.S. in Iraq now: 

In addition to sharing the custom URLs on your own social channels, if you have a YouTube channel, we encourage you to re-create these playlists by pulling in the videos from the PBS channel.  If you have any questions about how to do this, or the initiative overall, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,

Kevin and Natalie | @kdando | @natalienbenson

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