COVE Quick Tip: Adding HTML to Text Fields

Posted by José Fernández | Product Deployment Manager | PBS Digital on

A little-known functionality in COVE is the ability to add HTML into description fields. It's a simple function, but it is important because its potential is limited only by your imagination. You can use HTML to add contextual links to videos that send the user to a specific page on your station site. Alternately, you could update the support text during Pledge. These are only two potential uses. I'm sure that the system can come up with endless possibilities!

To link text, copy this code to your program page, or video page and edit highlighted areas. When a user clicks on the link the page will open in a new tab.
<a href="" target="_blank">YOUR TEXT HERE</a>

cove 1.png
Notice how the support URL is linked on this video page:
cove 2.png
LInks also surface on program list page.


cove 3.png
On a Program page, notice the hyperlink around "North Carolina Now" and the word "support".


By José Fernández | Product Deployment Manager | PBS Digital
José is responsible for rolling out PBS Digital products across multiple technology platforms, including online, mobile and OTT boxes. In addition, he designs and refines internal processes to respond to PBS Digital's growing product line and customer needs.

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