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I was honored and thrilled to take part in my first PBS Annual Meeting this year. With over seven years experience in public media, this event was a real eye-opener and it gave me amazing perspective on the direction our industry is headed. (The sunny California skies were also a welcome change after the brutal winter we had in the Northeast!)

YP Annual Meeting
There has never been a more exciting time to be a young professional in public media. There were more than 70 eager and talented individuals attending the very first Not Your Boss’s Annual Meeting – A Workshop for Young Professionals, and the room was buzzing all day. Ideas were flying fast and furiously, as the group received practical and valuable advice about communicating in the workplace and common career mistakes, and also contributed their own valuable insights on the future of public media, pitching ideas that get results, and much more. This was an incredibly collaborative session and everyone walked out at the end of the day with a head full of new ideas and a renewed confidence in the future of public media – it’s incredibly bright!

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Engage your audience, make them part of your station’s story
I’ve heard this sentiment echoed all corners of the Marriott Marquis. Focusing station efforts on community engagement has led to success in many affiliates across the nation. Dave Sutton spoke about the impact successful storytelling can have on a brand in the breakout session Define Your Brand Story to Inspire Support. The best brands get the audience to tell their story, and the problem arises when people don’t see themselves in it. To paraphrase a particularly impactful point he made – “Making the audience the hero is the name of the game”.

The Future of Video is in your hands (Literally!)
 Mobile device content consumption is rising at an incredibly rapid rate – and the PBS audience is ahead of the curve. Get out in front of the mobile platform and find opportunities to leverage it to your station’s advantage. As Robert Tercek said in his excellent presentation The Future of Public Media – “You are more than TV – you’re the best of both worlds… digital AND broadcasting”.



By Chris Zellers | Creative Director | WVIA Public Media


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