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For those of you working on or with your station's website, do you ever feel like you don't have time to just build in the tool? Or if you do, you end up with more questions than completed work? The SPI team would like to help you with that.

In the near future, the SPI team will be hosting a trial series of website build sessions where you can come and build in Bento, or your own CMS with PBS Digital staff there to assist with issues, questions, comments, etc. The idea is to also connect and collaborate with other station professionals in order to leverage skills from across the system. The sessions are hosted on Google Hangout to allow for easy screen and code sharing among participants (review the Open Bento platform for more information). The goal is to have something completed by the end of the call. Again, you don't need to be a Bento station to join these calls.

The team is starting the series off by offering these hangouts bi-monthly for two months. If it's successful, we can adapt the schedule to accommodate the demand. Remember the goal of the 'meeting' is that by the end of the hour, you should have finished or nearly finished something for your site. This could be a Bentomatic experience, a new snippet, customization to an existing snippet or template, content creation for your site, etc.

If you are interested in learning and building more with PBS Digital staff, just set a reminder on your calendar for as many of these sessions as you'd like to attend. Then click on the related link(s) below to register or join the call.

Last Updated: 6/4/14 5:18PM EST

By Jen Carter | Sr. Associate | PBS Digital


Jen is a Sr. Associate for the Station Products & Innovation team within PBS Digital. She joined the SPI team in August 2011 and she provides member stations with digitally innovative resources via PBS developed product and services.

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