COVE Quick Tip: The Core Data Tab

Posted by José Fernández | Product Deployment Manager | PBS Digital on

Have you noticed how much cleaner the Core Data tab is? We've cleaned up the clutter in order to focus on the minimum pieces of information needed to create a COVE asset, the Title, and the content Channel. You'll also notice that the remaining tabs are not active. Once a new COVE asset is saved, remaining Core Data fields appear and all tabs become active. At that point, you'll be able to enter in the remaining Core data.

The required fields are: 

  • Title 
  • Content Channel 
  • Slug is auto populated 
  • Short Description 
  • Premiere date 
  • Encore date 

Future posts will go into more detail on each of these fields in the Core Data tab, including where they surface in the front end and how they can be manipulated depending on your station's needs.

Bonus Tip:
Remember the Add button? Add to Queue? Process Queue? They've been replaced by the single Save button. You'll notice its presence on each tab in the COVE admin. The Save button now has multiple purposes: it saves, uploads, and ingests in one single touch.

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