About PBS Digital & Marketing

PBS Digital & Marketing Team

PBS Digital & Marketing strives to reach millions of people, engage them with content and with each other, connect them with their local communities through their local stations, and inspire them to reach their full potential. 

Digital Media Advisory Council

The PBS Station Digital Media Advisory Council (DMAC) is comprised of a group of key leaders within the public television system. Its members act as advocates for stations and collaborate with PBS Digital & Marketing to ensure that stations' needs are met and priorities considered as PBS delivers products and services to the system.

DMAC members actively participate in soliciting and sharing station feedback and assisting with general outreach within the system. Feedback and outreach activities include participating in PBS Digital & Marketing professional development events; providing feedback on draft communications; actively participating on the SPI blog and participating in other mentoring activities involving stations.

Station Products and Innovation Team

The Station Products & Innovation Team collaborates with stations in the development of products and services that enable stations to better engage with their audience.

One of the main station groups the SPI Team works with to develop ways to help stations is the Digital Media Advisory Council


If you have any suggestions for improving our services, please feel free to contact us. The quickest way to reach us for general questions is by emailing spi@pbs.org